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Visiting the bathroom too many times at night? Pygeum may help

Frequent night-time urination may be an indication of an underlying prostate problem, a common condition among men as they age.
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Golden Seal for winter defence

This valuable herb has a long-standing reputation for treating bacterial infections, relieving nasal congestion, soothing inflamed mucous membranes and boosting the immune system.
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Energise your day with Rhodiola 

If you're lacking in energy, mentally or physically exhausted, or simply running on empty, then the herb Rhodiola may give you the boost you need!
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A silver lining in the war on germs

As experts warn of superbugs - strains of bacteria resistant to strong antibiotics - becoming entrenched in many Australian hospitals, the metallic element silver is becoming the new hero in the fight against germs. 
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Tribulus the libido-boosting herb

With more and more men looking for ways to improve their sex life, why not consider what natural products can help? The traditional herb Tribulus is at the top of the list.
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Maximise your workout

Most of us aim to have a healthy, toned body, along with endless energy and stamina to do the things we enjoy.
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Research Notes

Seniors stay happy with vitamin B
Ginger may reduce post-exercise pain
Low vitamin D leads to low muscle strength 
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Ask the Expert

Kerrie Marks, our resident natural health practitioner specialises in herbal medcine and nutrition.
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